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Santorini: Golden  Fleece Expansion

Santorini: Golden Fleece Expansion

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• Harness the power of the Gods and play on a whole new level with Santorini’s Golden Fleece Expansion Pack! Adding numerous gaming possibilities, the expansion pack makes the game of Santorini even more exciting! • The Golden Fleece can take on the powers of one god. If builders are positioned next to the Golden Fleece, they absorb the selected god’s powers. • Play with 15 more god cards, 10 new hero cards, new builders and new god power tokens. Add the beautiful ocean board around your existing game board and you can play like a God! • Santorini Golden Fleece is for 2-4 players aged 8+. • Includes: 15 God Cards, 10 Hero Cards, Extra Builders, God Power Tokens, 1 Ocean Board, Instructions This is an Expansion which requires the base Santorini game to play